Red-light violation detection system is installed at the road intersections to monitor the stopping of vehicles behind the pedestrian crossings. All kinds of vehicles are detected and tracked using image processing algorithms. In the case of a violation (or infraction), two separate photo’s are taken using the system both including the status of traffic light and location of the vehicle. Timings are managed so that the first photo is taken when the vehicle begins to enter the cross-road and the second one is taken moments later when the infraction has definitely occurred and the vehicle is exiting the intersection. Vehicle and infraction or violation detection is performed in this system using the 3D vision technique and independent of vehicle’s license plate, so that vehicles with altered or non-standard plates (which could not be detected using the license plate reading software) are also detected and recorded in the case of violation. System performance is also independent of the plate’s location.
This system is able to detect direct red-light crossing as well as right and left turns separately, due to it’s ability to determine the 3D position of vehicles. The system also detects vehicles stopping on the pedestrian crossing and the relating violation is recorded accordingly. The time instant of violation is also displayed on a graphical time-line. The ability to detect and record multi-vehicle violations is incorporated in this system and the plate of every single vehicle is read and recorded automatically. A sample output image of the system is shown here:

As it is seen in the pictures, the vehicle’s motion and the status of traffic light is clearly depicted in the two sample images. It is north worthy to mention that the red-light (or traffic light) violation detection system has the ability to record a low-sized video from every single violation with suitable quality, which is even available on the internet via an appropriate infraction ID. This video, displays the intersection from few seconds before until several seconds after the time of violation. This is an accessorial service and a unique feature included in this system.