PFK Company (2007) is a creative and pioneer team, working on machine vision technology aim to be one of the most effective companies in this field across the world. Up to now this company has produced different products based on that knowledge especially in ITS field.

So far, one of the main applicable fields of this technology was producing advanced intelligent traffic control systems (ITS) from which fixed speed camera, speedometer Vehicle and license plate reader systems can be named.

In addition, this company employs its knowledge and abilities to offer appropriate solutions for various related requests in different fields, based on image processing. Such as intelligent measurement and estimation of truck load in motion and other stereo base products.

In all of them, software utilizing advanced image processing techniques next to well-designed integrated hardware deployed to introduce inclusive solutions.


Address: Burdubai Al Mina road Real Estate Building, flat 101 Medical Specialists Centre Dubai, 2099, United Arab Emirates

Telfax: +97-1504714436

email: pfkvision@gmail.com