Traffic Counting(Counter) With Passing Line and Vehicle Type Classification

One of additional features of this system is traffic counting with respect to different parameters like time periods, day or night, vehicle type and class (heavy or light), passing lane, violation type, license plate type (public, governmental, …), and …. These data provide a complete statistics for traffic management.


Average Trip Time Computing

Computing mean trip time is possible by considering all repeated read plates in different speed cameras and take the average between trip times (with statistical concerns). Average trip time is also a very useful parameter for traffic management.


Instantaneous Speed Trend

Beside average instantaneous speed measured at each speed camera site (or for all selected cameras), instantaneous speed trend can be driven for a desired time period. These criteria also are widely use in traffic management.


Classification Traffic Parameters for Private and Public Vehicles

Considering distinguishable license plate type (public or private), it is possible to extract different parameters:

  • Traffic counting for different types
  • Average speed for different types
  • Instantaneous speed trend for different types
  • Mean trip time for bus/taxi
  • Traffic Light / heavy ratio
  • Traffic public / light ratio


Traffic Load and Incident Control

Since this system can be a traffic counter, it can be used to control traffic load and guess incident occurrence base on unexpectedly traffic flow changes. Parameters like traffic jam detection and sudden traffic changes between following speed cameras can be signs of incident.