Finding Wanted Vehicles

Beside violation enforcement and road management applications, speed camera may be applied to find wanted vehicles. The server software will compare all passing cars with the wanted database and will give different possible alarms if any of them found. Also the software can provide different possible statistics for these kind of vehicles (number of passes, time of passes, speeds, …).

ETC / ORT And Vehicle Inspection Certificate Control

As the system logs all passing vehicles, it can be utilized for ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)/ ORT (Open Road Tolling) and vehicle inspection control (if it has the database). Also other limitations may be control:

  • Heavy vehicles traffic limitations (for some hours a day or…)
  • Traffic zone
  • Public vehicles traffic ban (suburban roads)
  • Governmental vehicles traffic ban
  • Special lanes control

Instantaneous Speed Limitation For Light And Heavy Vehicles

As default and basic application the fixed speed camera can utilizes for instantaneous speed violation enforcement. Since this limitation is usually varies base on different classes of vehicles, this system perform the mission base on different predefined rules for each site.

Average Speed

Installing speed camera at two (or more) following locations of a road you can have average speed (trip time) of passing vehicles through the places. As each speed camera reads license plates of all passing cars tagged with very accurate GPS time and send the data to the server located at monitoring room, the software can calculate the trip time and consequently the average speed knowing the precise distance between the cameras. Although fixed speed camera can extract accurate instantaneous speed with image processing algorithms and also it can be equipped with a multi-target or a multi-track radar for that; but the average speed is a fair, and regulative criterion for enforcement comparing to instant speed.

Heavy Vehicle Traffic Ban In Speed Lane

If passing heavy vehicles from fast lane predefined as forbidden, this system will fine all heavy vehicles passing through that lane (it is also possible for other lanes).

Other Applications

Violations like solid line crossing, passing special lane, opposite direction ,and reverse gear driving can also be enforced.